The Value Provided by LED Dome Display Systems

Are you still amazed at the brilliant and colorful video images brought by laser projection equipment? In fact, the picture effect that Dome LED display can create is far better than laser projection equipment.

Compared with the traditional laser projection dome screen system, the LED dome system emits light of different colors by relying on its own light-emitting LED lamp bead components, and outputs the corresponding color in real time under the powerful lamp bead color display control basic system, and then Generate different overall picture effects.

Dome LED display system has the advantages of higher picture brightness and wider color gamut than traditional laser projection equipment, which can achieve higher sleep clarity and more realistic dynamic picture effects.

GalaxyAV has more than 20 years of professional design, generation and installation experience in the LED display industry, supplying domes to a variety of customers around the world including planetariums, domes, museums, commercial installations, entertainment facilities and companies seeking industrial simulators LED display as a new large-scale display solution .

We have won the recognition of our customers with our professional technology and reliable and stable dome LED display products.

1. Unparalleled vivid colors and high brightness display make images more lifelike

Conventional laser projectors cast light on a circular screen (also known as a dome) to form a corresponding image, which is subject to comparisons due to the projector’s light-throwing power and the distance between the projector and the dome. big impact. Generally speaking, the lower the power of the laser projector and the farther the distance between the screen and the projector, the worse the displayed image.

The dome LED display used by GalaxyAV company uses self-luminous LED lamp beads, which can emit light on the LED screen by itself. The influence of the above two aspects on the final image display effect is effectively avoided. Our dome LED display can achieve a maximum brightness of 600 cd/m2 and a 155% color gamut of sRGB*1, which can clearly display the hot sun and the starlight in the dark night.

This delicate picture display effect is completely unmatched by traditional laser projectors. It brings viewers a more realistic viewing effect of multimedia content such as animations and images, and even forms naked-eye 3D video content, bringing viewers a truly immersive viewing experience.

The dome LED screen application of Bogota Planetarium

2.360-degree viewing experience

The biggest feature of the Dome LED display is the 360-degree viewing effect. Traditional laser projection equipment cannot perfectly achieve a 360-degree viewing effect due to the existence of a projection screen system. It is already very good to be able to achieve a 270-degree semi-surrounding dome viewing experience. However, due to the self-illumination of the screen, the dome LED display system can perfectly achieve a 360-degree surround viewing effect. This immersive experience effect similar to putting yourself in the position is far from what the laser projection system can match.

When playing the underwater picture, you can see all kinds of marine life around you, which is no different from the visual effect brought by deep-sea diving. When playing the starry sky picture, you can also see various stars glowing and rotating, and the people watching it seem to be in the universe. Therefore, GalaxyAV’s dome LED display project has the largest proportion of installations in aquariums and planetariums, and our immersive dome LED display has been accepted and recognized by customers

3. Leading the technological change in the video and other multimedia delivery equipment industry

The film and television industry and the field of large display equipment are undergoing tremendous changes. Many new technologies have been developed and put into actual life and business scenarios. But not every cutting-edge technology can be recognized by the market. In reality, in addition to technical factors, customers may consider more purchase costs, maintenance costs and the business value they can create.


After years of development and improvement, Dome LED display technology has achieved very good results in reality. Our customers are all experts in the field of large displays. The choice of Galaxy AV’s dome LED display system among many solutions shows the market’s recognition of our products. The opinions of these industry leaders will enable them to lead the technological transformation of the multimedia delivery equipment industry in the future.

If you want to purchase LED display for your commercial projects or craft projects like planetariums, churches, cinemas and other government institutions, we can also develop professional LED display solutions for you. From project design to product production and final installation, we have enough experience and technology to solve any problems you have. Galaxy AV has more than 20 years of professional experience in the LED display field, which is worthy of your trust!

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