Immersive LED Display Solution

In recent years, an immersive experience created by LED display screen combined with holographic projection, AR, VR, and XR technology has become a popular form of offline entertainment among consumers. Various industries are building immersive experience center, such as immersive experience restaurants, immersive experience museums, immersive experience theaters, immersive experience game competitions, etc., which brings brand new experiences to People’s Daily life.

The game event is a relatively early test of an immersion experience in the display industry. For example, the spring finals of the League of Legends Professional League (LPL) were held in Foshan in 2019. A 350-square-meter large immersive LED screen was presented in high definition, rendering the scene atmosphere extreme.

When it comes to the immersive experience, the floor tile screen has to be mentioned. The immersive floor tile screen can not only realize the interaction between the ground and the human-machine but also between the ground and the wall. The special effect display and the effect display reach the high-tech level, deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.

The immersive experience is no longer limited to games or floor tile screen fields. It can also be widely used in transportation (civil aviation, subway), exhibitions, museums, planning halls, commercial complexes, education, media, stage design, sports, medical and other places. Moreover, with the acceleration of digitization and the rapid development of digitization multimedia, the high-tech digitization interaction creative display will become more and more.

In the commercial field, the immersive cyberpunk culture food street in the Future City of Oso is a clever move. Nearly 40 immersive LED display screens are scattered in random patterns on the street, and the gorgeous neon light sense is dotted with beautiful warm colors, and the ultimate temptation of light and shadow is coming.

LED display can achieve high resolution and has become the leading display solution to create immersive scenes; in exhibition halls, pavilions and other scenes are also very popular.

Immersive LED display is not only widely used in exhibitions but also occupies a significant position in the field of outdoor advertising. Naked eye 3D outdoor large LED screen is one of the representatives. Located in Beijing Road, Guangzhou, the naked eye 3D large screen attracts many citizens to visit.

Naked eye 3D LED display technology with a sense of authenticity and carrying AR/VR/XR technology can create a scene of the immersive experience of presence, greatly improving the effectiveness of advertising, increasing the utility of advertising and the output of advertising, indirectly improving the value of LED display and expanding the application field of the LED display screen.

In addition, the immersive display industry has achieved unprecedented rapid development in terms of cultural, creative, and cultural tourism. For example, a high-tech interactive art exhibition titled Riverside Scene during the Qingming Festival 3.0, jointly created by the Palace Museum and Phoenix TV, was presented at the Palace Museum. Unlike the traditional static arrangement, this “Riverside Scene during Qingming Festival 3.0” is a high-tech interactive art exhibition, which constructs the interweaving of real people and virtual people, and the immersive experience. 

This new way of presentation, using AR, VR, hologram technology, immersive performance, animation, comics, games, and other technologies, combined with traditional culture, has been loved by most of the audience. However, with the innovation and upgrade of the cultural and tourism industry entering a new period of development, a lot of equipment, especially the hardware and software of display and visual effects, are constantly updated. And digital display devices, with “immersive experiences” at their core, need to evolve with each passing day.

For a long time, the traditional LED screen has been oriented to the audience in the way of “one-way communication,” which is not only “passive” but also gradually lacks dynamic and innovation. The personage inside the course of study once said, “we can’t just blindly improve the effect of the display, we also need to explore how to make LED display application pluralism and value maximization, not only take the LED display screen as static display carrier, should be to think about how to realize the good interaction between audience and display screen.”

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