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The Flexible LED screen is a special LED screen that is created by the application of LED pixels mounted on either PCB or rubber. It is protected on both sides to prevent the destruction of the circuits which makes the screen more durable than the standard screen. The materials used for the development of the flexible LED screen offers its users a number of advantage over the conventional LED screen. To learn more about this and other details, let’s look into the advantages of having a flexible LED screen at your place of work, at home, or at any other place which might require an LED screen.

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Common LED Screen defects

Traditionally led screens are around for some time now and are utilized in many areas such as malls, conference halls museums, advertising agencies theaters, cinemas, and more. This technology has transformed numerous industries. In recent times, scientists are working to make it more efficient and contemporary. Certain of these innovations are similar to flexible LED screens, which enhance LED-based applications.

The advent of the LED flexible screen has pushed the conventional one off the market as a lot of people prefer the flexibility of LED screen. While the standard LED screen has proven effective over time, however, it is not without its drawbacks which could limit its use in different environments. The disadvantages listed below are.

Large and bulky

Unlike flexible LED screens, traditional standard LED panels are made of heavy materials. These materials make them very heavy and thick, hindering the operation of these plates. The installation of traditional standard LED boards is cumbersome and requires a lot of manpower, which increases the installation cost. Transportation and storage also increase the cost of using traditional LED screens. Because of their weight, they need to be delivered at a high cost.


They also take up huge space, which means that storage facilities must be large to accommodate them. Traditional standard LED screens are easily damaged due to their weight. When handling heavy objects, the risk of damage is greatly increased, which will lead to waste of resources and time. For these reasons, entrepreneurs need to rethink their decisions and choose flexible LED screens, which offer more use while being light.

Large and bulky LED SCREEN
Poor universality led screen

Poor universality

In the modern world, versatility is a standout feature of any product. Traditional standard LED screens lack this feature. The materials used in traditional standard LED boards do not allow enough bends, folds, and even some designs and shapes that would enhance their appearance. This has led many customers to opt for flexible screens because of their adaptability.

As far as delivery goes, the lack of versatility hinders its transport as it requires more space to install the screen without damaging it. The designs of traditional standard LED boards are often common as they are difficult to modify according to current trends. Their lack of flexibility means they are monotonous, which can put your business at risk. Buying a flexible LED screen to replace a traditional screen is the smartest choice for people looking to build their specific brand.

Too ordinary and monotonous

Diversity is a global trend today, and no one is willing to fall behind. Companies are taking advantage of this to keep abreast of, or even better than, their competitors. Traditional standard LED boards have become very common, because many buildings, restaurants, places of worship, etc. have been used for a period of time. Compared with flexible LED screens, their characteristics do not allow for various customizations.

Because they are not used for many purposes and are heavy and thick, they cannot be manipulated into unique designs to eliminate monotony. Uniqueness is very important, especially in business. Your customers must have an easy way to differentiate you from your competitors. The use of traditional standard LED screens may cause customers to abandon your service in order to seek better service.

In the case of flexible LED screens, their flexibility allows for modifications to create designs that diversify them.

Too ordinary and monotonous led screen

Top 6 Advantages of Flexible LED screen

Flexible LED screen is a new trend today, and everyone with business sense is accepting this technology to maximize its profits. It has replaced the traditional standard LED screen, because the traditional LED screen lacks many features and functions, and cannot create more business opportunities for us.

Flexible LED screens have many features that make things easier and better. These features are very attractive to customers, leading many companies and business owners to adopt the technology and integrate it into their business projects. In the future, the flexible LED screen will continue to improve in structure and application. If you need any reason to install a flexible LED screen, let’s take a look at its benefits

The possibility of making unique creativity come true

The flexible LED screen can be customized according to any design and shape required by customers. Their characteristics make the designer’s unique inspiration possible for real business projects. Their design is very attractive, so you can show the wonderful content in different ways. The material used to develop flexible LED is usually rubber. Due to its soft characteristics, LED screen can be bent at multiple angles. The rubber is lighter than the traditional LED steel structure display screen and is easy to install.

In terms of customization, LED screens can be specially made to adapt to specific settings to meet customer needs. The flexible LED screen can be rolled, bent and folded to form a circle, triangle, sphere, column, cylinder and other shapes. These shapes help the overall design of the screen and make the video effect more creative. These screens come in a variety of sizes and pixels. It is used in conference rooms, game studios, airports, etc.

Cost effective flexible LED display
Giant Curved LED Advertising Screen

High customization freedom

When it comes to a variety of different products and business service items, different customers will have different tastes and aesthetic standards. At Galaxyav, whenever we work with customers, we carefully ask them what they want to see on the screen before starting the manufacturing process. Whether it’s shape, size, extraordinary design or angle, we have the perfect solution for you.

Depending on the environment in which you wish to install the flexible LED screen, we evaluate the surrounding environment to see which design is suitable for the setup so that we can customize it for you. If a large screen is required, many regular-sized flexible screens can be combined. All screens feature internal thermal regulators so they won’t overheat, resulting in durable custom screens in your space.

Striking, impressive

There is no better way to impress the audience than to use flexible LED screens for advertising. These screens have multiple functions and are very attractive and eye-catching even in crowded spaces. When used in commercial buildings, it can be used as an advertising medium to attract potential customers. The design, shape and size of these screens also need to be fully utilized to attract people’s attention.


The flexible LED screen is tailored to fully represent your brand and attract potential customers, thereby increasing your sales and profits. The technology used to develop this technology can achieve high-definition image display, making the information very clear and understandable. They can be used for advertisements and announcements in churches, universities, airports, railway stations and other usually crowded places.

Striking Advertising Displays for Flexible Displays
flexible led screen

Strong adaptability

Due to the flexibility of the flexible LED screen, it can easily adapt to any installation environment. Flexible LED screens feature multi-angle adjustment without worrying about their damage or dysfunction. They feature internal thermal regulators that allow them to adapt to external ambient conditions without overheating or freezing.

Their rubber raw materials come in handy whenever a unique design is required. They can be bent/folded into any shape and design to fit the surrounding area. Due to their lightweight nature, they are easy to install and maintain. In terms of transport and storage, the flexible LED screen is foldable and lightweight, which means it doesn’t require a lot of manpower.

Lightweight, easy to install

Rubber is the best material for making flexible LED screens. This raw material is usually lightweight and easy to handle. The thickness of the Galaxyav flexible LED module is only 5mm, which further reduces the weight of the screen. This structure makes handling very easy, especially during installation. They can be easily installed anywhere and, due to their light weight, do not require a solid support system.

When the flexible LED display needs to be dismantled at the end of the project, the lightweight screen can bring great convenience to the construction team. Workers can easily disassemble the modular display screen without damaging the display screen, so as not to affect the later use. Greatly saves labor costs and display maintenance costs

Easy to install and maintain the led display
Low cost maintenance of flexible LED screen

Low cost maintenance

Due to its advantages of easy installation, disassembly, maintenance, storage, transportation and small footprint, flexible LED screens greatly reduce users’ usage and maintenance costs. When Galaxyav developed the flexible LED screen, they specially designed the function of insulating both sides of the display to facilitate maintenance because they prevent damage to the screen. It’s also so durable that you won’t have to invest in other additional maintenance costs for years to come.

Shipping costs for flexible LED screens can be achieved by any preferred means, be it by plane, ship or road. Because it can be folded, it doesn’t require a lot of outer packaging protective gear. This also reduces shipping costs and time.

The initial installation cost of a flexible LED screen is slightly higher than that of a traditional LED display, but since it is very durable, the overall price will be lower. Unlike traditional standard LED boards, it can last for years before a new screen is needed.

Application project of flexible LED screen

The flexible LED display screen has many application scenarios, including cylindrical mall billboards, LED ball screen movie playing systems, and curved video playing systems in amusement parks. These different types of flexible LED displays can maximize the effect you want, and obtain greater benefits for our commercial launch.

Creativity is the primary feature of the success of any enterprise. Using various technologies in your design is a unique way to surpass your competitors. Flexible LED display can be customized to meet your goals and aspirations, and increase the company’s sales and profits. Galaxyav is the most trusted company that can develop and customize your flexible LED screens at affordable prices and on time delivery.

360° Flexible LED Advertising Display

The 360 ° LED screen is a flexible LED screen that can display images and videos in all directions. Because of its flexibility, it can be bent into a cylinder for all-round display. When promoting new products or services, the 360 ° display can easily attract potential customers and investors. This is very attractive to the audience, so they will pay attention to the advertisements and announcements made.


They are designed to produce high-resolution images, high sound quality and well distributed brightness. It is used for high-definition irregular shape image and display. The size of the pillars depends on the customer’s needs, but they can be narrow or wide or medium. 360 ° LED screen is usually used for permanent indoor installation in casinos, shopping centers, railway stations, airports, luxury hotels and other areas.

LED dome screen

The led dome screen is a flexible LED screen that is shaped like a sphere. It is widely used in museums, simulations, airports, science centers, 3D theaters, planetariums, and more.

It is a spherical shape composed of several flexible LED screens combined with magnets. This design is so attractive that it is applied in various ways. The LED spheres available in Galaxyav range from 4k to over 22k.

Spherical LED dome display screen
shopping mall bendable LED screen

Shopping mall curved LED advertising tape

Flexible LED watch strap designs are a creative way to modify your LED screen to promote your brand and products. They are thin in profile and can be bent and folded to form straps. They give enough light to showcase your brand to a wide audience. They are used in bars, restaurants, theatres, stadiums and other venues. They can also be used at trade shows or exhibitions to inspire your booth and attract more customers.


They are combined with a variety of systems that can change colors, fade effects and blink lights to your liking. They can be used for advertising identification and broadcasting to viewers. The belt design has the following characteristics:

LED video wall

Use LED video wall to bring a virtual reality experience to your audience without using 3D goggles. The displayed image has a very high resolution, making the experience more enjoyable. They are innovative ways to customize channels, making them more attractive to tourists. LED video wall creates an extraordinary experience that your audience will remember.

They are used in many ways, such as in concert venues, theme parks, clubs, etc. Screens are used for image and video display, in addition, they can be used as lighting fixtures to illuminate corridors and entrances. Customization of these tunnels is possible, and each tunnel has its own application and specifications. At Galaxy av, we provide you with all the services you need to design and customize LED video walls.

Indoor LED Advertising Screen

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