LED and XR technology to construct immersive scene

Perfect integration of virtual and real

With the rapid development of the LED display industry, innovative elements continue to emerge, there are many new opportunities for development. The application fields are also increasing day by day, among which the combination of LED and XR technology also soon shines in the professional audio&visual field, giving rise to the new trend of virtual production.

Advantages of Virtual Studio

What is XR?

Many people are familiar with this immersive technology such as virtual reality(VR), augmented reality(AR), and mixed reality(MR). Products such as VR glasses, AR helmets, and MR displays have been widely used in people’s lives. So what’s the latest popular XR?

XR (Extended Reality) refers to the environment of real and virtual combined and human-machine interaction generated by computer technology and wearable devices. It is a general term for AR, VR, MR, and other forms. The three visual interaction technologies are integrated to achieve a seamless transition between the virtual world and the real-world “immersive” experience.

GalaxyAV XR solution in film and TV shooting

GalaxyAV’s XR solution combines an LED display screen with XR technology, providing a carrier with a more realistic sense of scene and a more immersive realistic background for film and television shooting. Virtual production technology can greatly save production time and cost.

GalaxyAV LEDpro display can realize the perfect fusion of the virtual world and the real world, creating a completely immersive experience, as well as the unlimited extension of the real world, to enhance the user experience, referred to as the ultimate form of future interaction.

As we all know, many scenes in movies and TV series can not be completed by shooting. They have to rely on post-production, such as the car driving on the road and the dialogue between the hero and the heroine in the car. The traditional shooting mode is to park the car in the studio, and then the green screen is around the car, the actors in the car pretend to be driving on the road state, HD shooting, and the post-production team needs to replace the green screen into a street scene, to enrich the whole picture.

And now, we only need to replace the green screen with an LED display as the background. Prefabricated content on the screen match the background of the shooting scene, can be a one-time work, save post-production steps, and also can let more shots of the scene be produced in a virtual studio.

Application comparison of green screen and XR technology in film and television production

Film and television production based on green screen technology


The actors perform in front of the green screen, and the background is synthesized in the later stage. The background can be edited by software (matting technology), with high flexibility.


  1. The reflected light on the green screen is difficult to deal with and unfriendly to the actor’s performance (because there is no real background). Acting completely relies on imagination, which is a real challenge to perform.
  2. The director can’t see the final effect presented on site, so if any bad shooting effects happen, have to rework it.
  3. It takes a lot of energy, time, and high cost in post-production. Hollywood’s million colorist phenomenon proves this statement.

Film and television production based on LED + XR technology

XR is a comprehensive technology that uses the principle of perspective and the LED display as the carrier to reproduce the sense of space and three-dimensional sense on the plane and related science to achieve the real 3D scene effect.


  1. Compared with the traditional green screen technology, the shooting technology team can create a 3D environment in the LED display for interactive playback, not only real-time editing of the broadcast content but also accurate pixel tracking and perspective correction of high-resolution rendered 3D images.
  2. Second, LED screen stage technology and playback technology have greatly reduced the post-production time and thus the cost of video production.
  3. XR virtual production allows the director to experience real-time images on the spot, shorten the workflow, greatly reduce the workload in the later period, improve production efficiency, and create more magic scenes according to the director’s needs.

Biggest obstacles to XR technology promotion

With the mature landing of the 5G network, the response speed and data processing capability of XR will be greatly improved, which is conducive to the rapid landing and wide popularization of its technical application.

However, there are still many obstacles and problems in the popularization of XR. Network attacks, high implementation costs (software and hardware), scarce technology and maintenance, and after-sales service are all obstacles to the widespread application of XR technology. Compared with the traditional LED display application, there are more requirements on accurate color reproduction, dynamic high refresh, dynamic high brightness, dynamic high contrast, no color offset of a wide Angle of view, and so on for the LED virtual production technology, which is a contest of funds and strength for LED display and solution supplier.

Case about the combination of LED and XR technology

Before, at the famous Pavilion of Vendome in France, the Royal Council of Al-Oura of Saudi Arabia held talks with UNESCO on the “Conservation and development of heritage”, and the two sides signed a long-term strategic partnership to protect the outstanding natural environment and cultural landscape of northwest Saudi Arabia. During the meeting, the most real immersive scene was constructed through the full scene LED display.

The technology combination of “large LED screen +XR virtual production” helped the organizer to create an immersive conference, and Chinese technology was praised by the world again. The World heritage contains the spirit and way of thinking of a nation, which is of great significance both in nature and culture.

Through the table and chair to see the past, the sun is hanging in the sky, at the foot of the immediately emerged a “sand scene”, the blend of virtual and reality, bleak and hope of the sense miraculously assembled in the oasis town of Alula. The immersive experience effect was unanimously affirmed by all parties.


In recent years, XR technology began to enter the public’s vision. More and more scenes such as concerts, press conferences, film shooting scenes, and TV programs began to use XR technology with a high-tech sense, to realize more possibilities for creation. With the support of 5G, the popularization of extended reality (XR) technology is an irresistible trend. By constructing a virtual world and interacting with the real world, it finally realizes the perfect integration of the virtual and the real world.

XR technology is not only the development of AR/VR technology but also a milestone development of the film and TV production method. To expand its production method and maximize the immersive experience, XR technology also drives the development of the related LED display screen and opens up another new market for LED display screens. GalaxyAV’s fine-pitch high-definition LED display become the carrier of XR technology to restore a more realistic live experience.

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