Authoritative Guide: Modular LED Display Panels

Modular LED Display Panels

LED display screen is more and more common in business and life scenes. Because of its rich and colorful content presentation, it is welcomed by more and more people. In order to let you know more about LED display, this article will introduce in detail the main components of LED display — LED display module.

1. What is a LED display module?

The LED display module is one of the main components of the finished LED display! It is mainly composed of an LED lamp, PCB, driver IC, resistor, capacitor, and plastic kit! According to the different LED packaging devices used, LED display modules are divided into in-line LED display modules, indoor lattice LED display modules, and surface-mounted LED display modules.

Different LED displays may have certain differences in specific design schemes and assembly methods. However, an LED display screen usually has two external equipment channels, one is the data input interface for displaying content, and the other is the power interface for 5V AC

2. Common LED display module size

The large LED display screen is composed of several LED display modules of the same specification. Generally, the dimensions of these LED display modules have their corresponding specifications and parameters, and the dimensions of LED display modules often follow the general standards in the industry. The following are the dimensions of three common LED display modules:

  • LED display screen with a gap of 5mm: the size of the LED display module is 160mm*160mm or 320mm*160mm
  • LED display screen with a gap of 4mm: the size of the LED display module is 128mm*128mm or 256mm*128mm
  • LED display screen with a gap of 3mm: the size of the LED display module is 192mm*192mm

3. Six parameters of LED display module

A. The color of the LED display module

Usually, we divide LED display modules into two types: monochrome LED display modules and full-color LED display modules.

The single-color LED display module can only display one color, and the content will be displayed in a single color when the power is turned on. Usually, roadside billboards use monochrome LED display modules.

The full-color LED display module can control the luminous color of each lamp bead, and then display exquisite patterns or videos.

B. Brightness of LED display module

The display brightness of the LED display module is a technical parameter that attracts more attention. Usually what we call brightness is the luminous intensity and transparency of the LED display module.

C. The light-emitting angle of the LED display module

The light-emitting angle of the LED display module without lens is determined by the LED lamp beads. The angle of light emitted by different LED lamp beads is also very different. Generally, the luminous angle of the LED lamp beads provided by the LED display manufacturer is used as the angle of the LED display module.

D. Operating temperature of LED display module

The normal operating temperature of the LED display module is generally between -18°C and 58°C. If there is a special working environment that requires the use of a large number of LED display modules, the ventilation status needs to be considered. Generally, we will use air conditioners or industrial fans to reduce the working environment temperature of the LED display.

E. Working voltage of LED display module

Usually 12V is the normal working voltage of the LED display module, but different LED displays also have some special working voltage requirements, which are directly related to the installation scale of the LED and the rated output voltage value.

F. Waterproof grade of LED display module

Generally speaking, indoor LED display modules do not have special requirements for waterproof level. Outdoor LED display pays more attention to waterproof performance. In the case of full open air, the waterproof level of LED display module should be greater than or equal to IP65.

That’s all for Modular LED Display Panels. If you are interested in other technical knowledge of LED display or you have the need to purchase LED display or you need LED display to realize a specific project. Welcome to contact our technical engineers, we will provide you with the entire process from design to product delivery and even project realization.

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