Advantages of small-pitch LED screen with high refresh rate

Do you know what is the refresh rate of small-pitch LED screen? Do you know the advantages of small pitch LED screen with high refresh rate? When you are purchasing LED screens for commercial use, do you know how to choose the best high refresh rate small pitch LED screen? In this article, senior technical engineers of GalaxyAV will explain in detail the advantages of small-pitch LED screens with high refresh rates.

Advantages of small-pitch LED screen with high refresh rate

Clearer picture display

We know that LED screen is composed of countless light-emitting diodes (the new generation of LED screen has been replaced by lamp beads). Different LED screen lamp beads control the color emitted by each lamp bead in real time under the management of the content display control system. The LED screen lamp beads in different positions display different colors and together construct the overall image of the LED screen at a certain moment.

When the LED screen plays dynamic content such as video, each LED screen light bead must change different colors in real time. Every second, the number of color changes of the lamp beads on the LED screen can be understood as the screen refresh rate of the LED screen. When the human eyeball sees 24 pictures continuously in one second, it will subconsciously think that this is a dynamic picture.

But obviously refreshing 24 times per second is far from satisfying the delivery effect of modern commercial advertisements. Therefore, LED screen manufacturers continue to study the stability of the lamp bead to ensure that it maintains the excellent performance of the overall picture when the refresh rate is increased. The gradually increased LED screen refresh rate allows people to have a more consistent viewing experience when watching dynamic video content.

The effect of LED SCREEN screen refresh rate on the picture

Better commercial content display effect

When advertisers buy or choose to rent LED screens, they often put the display effect of commercial content as the first consideration. For them, the old or incomplete LED screen will not be chosen as an advertising platform even if the price is cheaper. The most important thing in the placement of commercial content is the realization of advertising effect! Just imagine, what kind of devastating disaster can a LED screen with monotonous color and frozen picture bring to commercial advertising?

The small-pitch LED screen is equipped with more lamp beads per unit area, which makes the content of the LED screen display more delicate. Nowadays, LED screens used for commercial content delivery are increasingly pursuing dynamic viewing effects. Such as transparent LED screen, 3D LED screen, etc. These LED screens often require high-resolution screens as content carriers when delivering content.

The small-pitch LED screen with high refresh rate makes the picture content clearer and more realistic. Taking our virtual ocean world project in Qatar as an example, we used LED screens with small spacing and high refresh rate to truly simulate the underwater world. The vast majority of tourists say on average that this is indistinguishable from real ocean time!


Wider commercial use

When you think that LED screens are usually only used as advertisements, small-pitch high-refresh screens are constantly subverting various industries. Taking GalaxyAV’s small-pitch LED screen as an example, we cooperated with Hollywood film production companies. Successfully applied the small-pitch high-refresh LED screen to the virtual background display of movies.

Some sci-fi movies in the past required a lot of money and manpower to build a simulated movie shooting background. But now we can use the small-pitch high-refresh LED screen as the background of the movie at a very low cost. Through the pre-produced LED screen sci-fi background animation content, with multiple cameras with different functions and under the processing of the comprehensive picture processing computer, a perfect movie picture effect is formed.

In the virtual studio, our low-pitch LED screen with high refresh rate also performs well. Through the virtual scene setting, the host can personally simulate the picture effects in different scenes. This kind of virtual studio can easily switch the traditional indoor content to any desired scene. For example, in the 2022 World Cup football match, we can realistically simulate the host to explain various exciting moments of football matches to you on the field.

Advantages of Virtual Studio

The above are the three advantages of LED screen with small pitch and high refresh rate. In the future, LED screen will create more products with various application scenarios and different models with commercial value. Let you have more choices when putting commercial content or specific display effects (such as: dome LED screen event experience hall, virtual planetarium, etc.). If you have any questions about LED screen products or LED screen project customization, please contact our senior technical engineers, we will answer and make corresponding solutions for you free of charge.

As an LED screen manufacturer with more than 20 years of professional experience, GalaxyAV has made extraordinary achievements in audio-visual system integration. Especially in terms of flexible led screen and dome led screen, we have many successful cases for your reference. If you are interested, welcome to consult us for free.

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