Benefits of installing led video wall in schools

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Benefits of installing led video wall in schools

The benefits of installing LED video walls in schools are obvious. Today’s educational institutions are obviously very different from traditional schools in the way information is disseminated. LED video wall can not only help administrators effectively organize daily teaching work, but also facilitate students to obtain relevant information more quickly. As an important part of the school audio-visual system solution, LED video walls bring many unexpected benefits to educational institutions.

Highlight the brand and identity of the school

For students who visit for the first time, the image of the school they see at first sight is very important for their study career in the next few years. They don’t want to spend years in an old, antiquated learning environment. The up-to-date and strong educational environment shown by the use of LED video walls can make freshmen fall in love with this place at first sight.

Every school has its unique culture and teaching philosophy, and it is obviously difficult to satisfy the appetite of students and parents by expressing it in traditional words. LED video wall can be promoted in the form of wonderful pictures and videos. The achievements of the school in the field of teaching, the outstanding deeds of students, the strength of scientific research and technological innovation can all enable students to accelerate the recognition of the school’s brand and identity.

Rapid delivery of public information

Schools are complex miniaturized societies, and this is certainly a challenge for administrators. In addition to the daily delivery of administrative instructional information, administrators should also allow students to better integrate into the school’s daily arrangements. For example, organizing students to visit a museum, some students may refuse this arrangement without knowing the specific situation. If the administrators display the exhibit information of the museum on the LED video walls in the form of a video explanation in advance, I believe that no student will refuse this temptation.

In addition, it is far from enough to rely on one or two classroom lectures by teaching staff to transmit self-protection methods on how to deal with emergencies. After installing the school’s audio-visual integrated system, the protection skills and knowledge of emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and lightning strikes can be replayed indefinitely on the LED video wall. Students can actively or passively accept the instillation of this knowledge during meals, rest and recess, so as to master these accident prevention knowledge subtly.

Increase additional income

Although the school has enough funds for daily teaching work, how can the management refuse more extra income to improve the overall teaching environment. Taking school sports events as an example, schools can install LED video walls around the playing field to promote event sponsors. Taking Gonzaga Bulldogs and UW Huskies, two well-known basketball colleges as examples, every year the event sponsors will increase the sponsorship amount of the event to get their brand information displayed on the LED video walls.

In addition, some medical institutions will also sponsor in the form of popular science medical content. These medical institutions will prepare medical science content in advance, which may involve eye hygiene, tooth decay prevention, etc., as well as the contact information of the medical institution. After an appropriate sponsorship amount is given to the school, the content of medical science popularization can be launched. This kind of cooperation realizes the scientific teaching of medical and health knowledge by educational institutions and potentially boosts the income of medical institutions. It has to be said that this is a very good way of cooperation.

Reduce school operating costs

The traditional way of transmitting information through paper content is obviously not enough for current educational institutions. This method not only costs a lot but also causes pollution to the environment. The installation of LED video walls allows educational institutions to operate at a lower cost, although the initial cost of LED video wall installation may seem higher. However, compared with the cost of labor, paper, ink, chalk and other consumables consumed by traditional methods, the long-term use cost of LED video walls will become lower and lower. Theoretically, the normal service life of an LED video wall is 100,000 hours. As long as care and maintenance are done, it will save you and your educational institution additional operating costs.

The above are 4 Benefits of installing led video walls in schools, these benefits make more and more educational institutions gradually change their work and management mode. In the future, more students will choose the school’s audio-visual system solutions to reduce their operating costs and improve their education and management levels.

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