Steel Structure Making About Flexible Soft LED Screen

Flexible LED Soft Screen, also known as soft LED screens, can be used to make various types of LED display screens, such as cylindrical screens, wave screens, and various curved LED video walls. The LED soft screen is the same as the conventional indoor full-color LED display, most of which are magnetic absorption pre-maintenance Installation and post-maintenance Installation. Of course, it also needs to make a fixed steel structure.

Steel Structure Making About Flexible Soft LED Screen

So what are the precautions before installation?

  • Whether the underlying structure is solid?
  • Whether the width and height of the structure are accurate, generally 20mm-50mm larger than the display screen size is appropriate.
  • The distance between the square tube and the square tube should be strictly consistent from the bottom to the top, otherwise, there will be gaps in the installation, not beautiful, and even more, to the top, it will be difficult to install or fail to install and rework.
  • Whether the structure is fixed firmly with the wall to ensure the safety of the soft LED screen after installation.

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Warm tips: The steel structure making of the LED soft screen should be constructed in strict accordance with the drawings provided by the LED display screen supplier to ensure that the level and size of the structure are within the range of controllable errors so that the flatness and safety of the screen body can be guaranteed after the installation of the LED display screen.

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