LED Display Screen Parameter:What Is The Pixel Pitch And How To Choose?

What Is The LED screen Pixel Pitch And How To Choose

Pitch, pixel pitch, these two words are the same meaning, refer to the distance between the center of one lamp bead in an LED display screen and the center of the neighboring lamp bead, in millimeters.

In the LED display industry, pitch or pixel pitch can be also called “P” for short. For example, the screen with a 2.5mm pixel pitch is called P2.5, and a screen with a 3mm pitch is called P3. The rest can be done in the same manner.

With the progress in packaging technology of SMD and COB lamp beads, now the minimum pixel pitch can be less than 1mm, and the maximum can be 10+mm. After more than 10 years of development, Galaxyavi Systems has a deep R & D ability, accumulated rich engineering experience, and product pixel pitch covering 1.25mm to 10 +mm, in the industry-leading position.

LED Display Screen Parameter:What Is The Pixel Pitch And How To Choose?

What is pixel pitch?

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density, the higher the resolution, the closer the viewing distance, the more detailed the image, and the better the visual effect. Of course, the cost is relatively high.

On the contrary, the larger the pixel pitch, the smaller the pixel density, the smaller the resolution, the longer the viewing distance, and the less delicate the image displayed. Finally, it is necessary to extend the viewing distance in order to obtain better and more delicate visual effects with a large pixel pitch. Of course, the cost is also relatively low.

How to choose the suitable pixel pitch for your projects?

It can be seen from the above discussion that the size of pixel pitch and viewing distance directly affect people’s visual effects.

For Indoor LED displays, the space to watch distance size itself has restrictions, in order to get better and more delicate visual effects, generally choose a smaller pixel pitch.

For outdoor LED screens, there is no limit to the space viewing distance, and a smaller pitch can also be chosen, but a larger pixel pitch is generally chosen for a lower cost.

At last, you might ask, given the viewing distance, how do I know how much pixel pitch is appropriate for my projects? In fact, there is no absolute unified standard formula for the conversion of viewing distance and pixel pitch. And each person’s subjective visual experience is also different. The following gives the calculated conversion formula for the LED display screen, for reference (distance unit: meters):

  • Minimum viewing distance (the distance to display a smooth image) = pixel pitch (mm) * 1000/1000;
  • The most suitable viewing distance (the distance that can display a highly clear picture) = pixel pitch (mm) * 3000/1000;
  • Maximum viewing distance = screen height (m) * 30

Now, we know what the spacing of LED displays is, and how to choose a suitable LED display for ourselves. If you want to buy a Galaxy av monitor or find a reliable LED customized solution, please contact our senior technical engineer immediately, and we will solve the problem for you the first time.

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