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Virtual Studio

In modern film, everyone is familiar with “green screen” or “chroma key” technology which refers to using a single color as the backdrop for a scene so that editors can more easily isolate, or “key out”, actors from the background in post-production. When this technology was first introduced in the mid-1900’s, it was a game changer in film, similar to how LED walls are revolutionizing the video industry today.

What is virtual studio?

Whether it’s floating in space, launching fireworks, or jumping from an airplane, you may not necessarily have the expertise, equipment, or bandwidth to get it done in-house and are on a tight timeline that doesn’t account for longer than expected shoot days, traveling to multiple locations or possible re-shoots.

Where you could work in a studio where you could bring any environment – real or fictional – to life.


Recently the production of the TV series ‘The Mandalorian’ used an extensive ‘digital stage’ comprising an almost 360-degree LED wrap around with a celling to create a ‘true’ scene. This was driven by the Unreal Engine, which has been the backbone of many of today’s computer games.


So what’s the Benefits about this?

  • Cost. One of the best benefits of taking a production virtual, is that it’s budget-friendly in nature. By being able to capture any place in a studio setting, producers eliminate the need for travel. Additionally, since everything occurs in a controlled environment, crew save time by not having to account for changes in lighting, inclement weather, or any external factor that may impact a shoot.
  • No spill. LED screens is the fact there is none of the old green screen ‘spill’ from reflective surfaces that was always a challenge to deal with in post-production. If your content is created right, you can get all the ‘real’ reflections and lighting on your subject, which was also traditionally done in a post-production environment.
  • Real. Your actors (and everyone else) can see in real-time what the environment is going to look like, and if they are referencing something that is in the virtual world, they can see it rather than just taking a guess.
  • Creativity. Arguably the biggest advantage of virtual production is that it removes creative boundaries. It allows us to fully customize a set, and even create environments from our imagination that don’t yet exist.
  • Efficiency. Not only does virtual production save time and money during the filming process, but these conveniences also translate to the post-production process. Unlike shooting with a green screen, the “effects” in a mixed reality production are captured in real-time and do not have to be created in the editing process, making it the most efficient form of production.
  • Safety. It is important to note, too, that since virtual productions require fewer crew and occur in controlled environments, it’s a safer way to shoot. Considering recent events, it’s necessary to have a way to continue production during times of a pandemic like we’ve experienced this year with COVID-19.

Why GalaxyAV?

GalaxyAV has been providing the LED products to TV studios more than 10 years. We do many shooting test with these clients every year to meet their strict standards about the screen performance. Some of these experience and standards are already more than the virtual production standards.
Some achievements we have reached.

  • High Refresh Rate  We use the advanced technology to make the refresh rate of our LED screen top to 7680Hz. This feature resolves the headache problem that Moiré effect and ripples on the screen.
  • HDR+  Enhance the regular HDR level.
  • Flexible Panels  Most of the virtual production screens are made from the rigid LED panels at this stage. They have to keep a slight angle around 5degrees between each panel. Take GalaxyAV unique flexible LED panels, we can build nature curved surround LED screen. Rather than the angled screen with rigid LED panels.
  • Extreme Image Capability  Our high performance LED products support 16bit color depth and HDR. Our system support both of Novastar and Brompton. This is in reality, not tick box on paper.
  • Wider Color Gamut & High Brightness   With the customized specially LED, our LED screens can meet the specifications from virtual production. The report that from last test indicates our LED can cover more than 99.5% DCI-P3 color gamut. And the brightness of main screen could reach to 1500nits. The ceiling screen brightness reach to 4500nits.
  • Low Latency (two frames end to end), free rotation and chroma tune are supported on most of the Brompton range, and all of their processors allow advanced color adjustments on the fly. 
  • 120Hz/240Hz Frequency   Can release more details in sports videos, solving problems with sticking or stuttering images in fast moving scenes.
  • Calibration  GalaxyAV proprietary calibration technology performs point to point calibration of an LED display, improving brightness and color uniformity, allowing the best image possible.

Color Space

GalaxyAV pick up the center part of high quality wafer to produce the unique LED chips which can emit the most pure RGB lights. In this way, we can infinitely approach the nature color range that humans can see. GalaxyAV has got the goal at 100% DCI-P3 and 85% Rec. 2020.

Dynamic Balance

We took an uncompromising approach to develop an intelligently designed video wall solution that eliminates the major pain points of traditional LED technology from installation to maintenance and servcing to operation, Micro Tiles LED works smarter so you don’t have to.

Support frame multiplexing

Utilize low scan technology High frame rate up to 240Hz. To meet the filmmakers’ high efficient shoot work, one shoot but multi contents. It provides more possibilities for future film work.

Color Gamut:90% REC2020; 110% DCI-P3

Micro LEDS is another step towards more realistic Images. GalaxyAV team is always going after in color:” Redder” reds, “greener” greens, “bluer” blues, brighter and more. In the place you will enjoy richer, more lifelike colors than you’ve ever seen.

Moire-effect off

4-IN-1 LED and special surface process technology help reduce the Moire-effect.

High Brightness

GalaxyAV virtual studio LED brightness up to 2000nits. Meet the clients’ requirement for film-making.

Increase Cart Value

Digital displays serve bold and dynamic messaging driving exposure and influencing spend.

Reliable Data

Build a trusted display network with real-time reporting. Get alerts and gain control for imrpoved operations and distribution information.

Improve Brand Equity

Create an emotional connection with your customer and make your brand stand out by immersing them in your brand story.

Increase Advertising Revenues

Eye-catching LED displays attract attention and cut through the noise to deliver key messaging maximizing recall.

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Impress your attendees

Never lack the great creators, but the way which storytelling has should be better. GalaxyAV provide the immersive AV solution that the people never experienced.

Meticulous care

Get the thoughtful service from the pre-project design consultation and cost estimate to the project engineering support. We have the leading AV technology partners from audio, interaction, media, construction to provide full stack AV solution.

Reliable quality

It’s related with not only what we use, but who we are. Our technology engineers have been focusing on the high-end LED solution more than 20 years.

Guarantee of your investment

GalaxyAV provide high quality LED products with 3 years warranty for free. And extendable warranty up to 8 years. Our most crazy item is 10 years. This is best way to protect your sustainable development investment.

Nature curved and flat video wall

DCI-P3 color gamut

Safety certification compliant

Brompton&Megapixel XR compatible

Video sculpture design and delivery


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