Galaxyav LED Screen Products

World Class Products

Original patented True Curve™

Premium materials and durable design.

Expect fine-tuned color accuracy, high resolution, pixel-perfect displays.

Customizable Designs

Commited to excellence with a portfolio of one-of-a-kind spectacular installations.

We are Bold and Visionary with a portfolio of breakthrough designs.

Installations that enhance any construction or environment.

Industry Expertise

Collaborative partnership to keep your project on track, on budget and on time.

Excellence in care, service and attention.

We are innovators who customize in unique and challenging installations.


Immersive Dome Series

The solution for flying theater, museum , planetarium, simulation, sphere LED.


Flexible LED Display Series

To create the unique video sculpture. Make surrounding immersive LED screens.


MicroLED Series

Fine-pitch LED display for the best viewing experience.


LEDPro Series

All the LEDPro technologies are for LED video wall and the best virtual studio.


3D LED Display

The dynamic presentation of various wonderful contents gives you an immersive feeling. It is widely used in various cinemas, museums and exhibition halls

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