Advantages of LED display with small spacing

In the application of the control room, a large screen display system usually needs to collect and process the data from all over the place and display it on the LED screen for centralized management and massive information control so that the decision-maker can judge, make decisions and command the current situation and expected changes. With the application of fine-pitch LED screens becoming more and more extensive, more and more middle and high-end control rooms gradually choose to replace the traditional splicing large screen system based on DLP and LCD.So what are the outstanding advantages of medium and high-end fine pitch LED display screens applied to the control room?

Advantage 1: Seamless HD display

The display screen of the large-size seamless splicing LED video wall is flat, good to look and feel, the common display signal source in the point-to-point matching control room, and signal output quality is stable. Moreover, low Brightness and high gray technology optimization, detail layer sense of screen dark part are strong, all kinds of high-quality HD videos and complex graphics display, high fidelity, long time viewing do not hurt the eye.

Advantage 2:Noise free operation

Ultra quiet operation, good heat dissipation effect

Advantage 3:Stable signal transmission quality

The 7×24 hours all-weather trouble-free work, easy maintenance, and long service life.

Advantage 4: Real-time seamless signal switching

Access multi-signal and complex signal to realize each functional subsystem’s centralized control and synchronous linkage. All input signals can be pre-monitored simultaneously and support layout mode pre-monitored.

Advantage 5: More convenient control

Based on network transmission, the distributed video stitching system supports multi-hall linkage and has a low cost. A variety of preset layouts can be switched by one key, theoretically with no layout number limit, and can support the master and standby dual system control. Customize the region available, arbitrary partition, overlay, moving.

Galaxyav Micro LED Screen

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