The Definitive Guide to Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED screen refers to the display screen specially used outdoors. The area is generally between dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, and relatively high brightness can work in the sun, with wind, rain, and waterproof functional characteristics.

The Definitive Guide to Outdoor LED Screens

Features of outdoor LED screen

Large pixel pitch,low cost

The outdoor large LED display is made up of many individuals LED display panels, and its pixel pitch is generally relatively large. Compared with the fine-pitch LED display screen, the advantage of a large pitch is low cost. The cost per square of a large pixel-pitch LED screen is much lower than that of a fine-pitch LED display screen. In addition, the viewing distance of the outdoor large screen is generally far, such as 8m, 10m, etc. When viewing the picture on the large screen from a long distance, there will be no “grain” feeling and the picture quality is clear.

Wide coverage, a large number of audience

The outdoor large LED display is generally installed in a high place, the screen is relatively large, viewing angle is also large. In general, when viewing a video from a horizontal angle of 140 degrees, the picture is still clearly visible, which allows the display content of a large LED screen to cover a wider range and reach a larger audience. Based on this feature, is also one of the reasons why many businesses are willing to choose outdoor large LED display screens to play advertising content.

Available automatically adjustment of screen brightness

Large LED screens installed outdoors will be affected by the weather outdoors. Such as the outdoor brightness between sunny days and rainy days is different. If the brightness of the display screen can not be adjusted automatically, the display effect will be different or even reduced in different weather. In order not to affect the viewing effect, the outdoor LED large display screen will have the brightness automatic adjustment function, that is, according to the outdoor weather, automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen to achieve the best display effect.

Easy maintenance

The cost of installing a large outdoor LED display screen is not low, as little as hundreds of thousands, more than millions. So easy maintenance is extremely important for LED large display screens, which is essential to ensure the long-term stable operation of the display screen.

Outdoor LED screen VS Indoor LED display

Different application environment

Indoor LED display is generally not required to have waterproof, fireproof, and other requirements because of the use of the location, while outdoor LED display because of the diversity of the use of the environment, and the adaptability of products in diverse environments posed challenges.An Outdoor LED display screen is a system produced after applying the results of the external environment research in the preliminary design and later maintenance. It is mainly used in large outdoor squares, such as government squares, leisure squares, commercial centers, advertising information release boards, commercial streets, railway stations, etc.

Different brightness requirement

A strong ray of light outdoor leads to high brightness requirements for outdoor LED screens. Outdoor LED displays are usually placed in direct sunlight. If the brightness problem can not be well-processed, or the occurrence of reflective and so on, the viewing effect will be affected.

Suitable for different viewing distance

The higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the image displayed, and the more information contents included, which is suitable for close viewing distance. The requirement for a pixel density of outdoor LED displays is not as high as that of indoor. Due to the farther away viewing distance, the pixel density is lower, pixel pitch is larger than indoors.

6 tips for choosing outdoor LED screen

Nowadays, the outdoor LED screen is the leader in the outdoor advertisement field. According to differences in requirements of each project, such as differences in pixel, resolution, price, play content, lifespan, and maintenance methods, there are different considerations.

Of course, there are many other factors that should be considered, such as the bearing capacity of the installation site, the brightness around the installation site, the viewing distance and Angle of the audience, the weather and climatic conditions of the installation site, whether it is rainproof, whether it is ventilation and heat dissipation and other external conditions. How to choose an outdoor LED screen? Here are Galaxyavi Systems’ suggestions:

  1. According to the needs of contents displayed. Length and width ratio, figure diploma according to the content of reality to decide, LED video screen, generally 4:3 or nearly 4:3, the ideal ratio is 16:9.
  2. The confirmation of visual distance and view angle.In order to ensure that in the case of strong light at a long distance, must use ultra-high brightness LEDs.
  3. Appearance design. Currently, there is a custom LED screen customized according to the design and shape of the construction. For example, the 2008 Olympic Games and Spring Festival Gala, is the application of LED display technology to the extreme, in order to achieve extremely perfect visual effects.
  4. It is necessary to pay attention to the fire safety of the installation site and the energy-saving standards of the project. Of course, when choosing, these factors such as brands, LED screen quality,after-sales service, etc, are important factors to consider. The display screen is installed outdoors, often in the sun and rain, wind and sun, a bad working environment. Wet or severely damp electronic equipment will cause a short circuit or even fire, resulting in the loss.
  5. The requirements for the installation environment. Industrial grade IC chips with working temperatures between -40℃ and 80℃ are selected to prevent the display screen from starting due to low temperatures in winter. Install ventilation equipment to cool the temperature, so that the internal temperature of the display screen is between -10℃ and 40℃. An axial fan is installed above the back of the display screen, so as to achieve dissipation when the temperature is too high.
  6. Cost control. The power consumption of the LED display screen must be considered.

Prevention measures of outdoor LED screen in bad weather

The outdoor LED screen is often affected by high temperatures, typhoons, rainstorms, lightning, and other bad weather. To make the display screen safe and sound in bad weather, the following gives you some popular scientific prevention measures for outdoor display screens in bad weather.

High temperature prevention

As a Large display screen, an outdoor LED screen usually has large power consumption in the application process, the corresponding heat is also large, coupled with the high external temperature, if the heat dissipation problem can not be solved in time, then it is likely to cause the circuit board heating short circuit and other problems.

  • In production, ensure that the display screen circuit board is in good condition, as far as possible in the shell design, choose the hollow design to help heat dissipation.
  • In the installation, according to the device situation, adhere to the situation of the display screen ventilation condition is good, when necessary add heat dissipation equipment to the display screen, such as an internal air conditioner or fan to help the display heat dissipation.


Summer thunderstorm weather and bad weather are also a test of Outdoor LED display.LED display screen has a high integration of electronic components, and their sensitivity to interference is becoming higher and higher. Lightning can harm the display screen in various ways. If it is hit, the lightning current will cause mechanical, electrical, and thermal damage, so the LED screen will cause serious damage and even cause a fire. Therefore, anti-lightning for Outdoor LED displays is essential. Galaxyavi Systems will share anti-lightning measures shown below:

  • For direct lightning protection, lightning rods are installed on the support structure of the outdoor LED screen.
  • For the protection of the steel structure, connect the structure with the shell of the LED display screen, do a good job of equipotential, and do a good job of grounding. The grounding resistance value is generally required to be less than 10 ohms. If the resistance value does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to do an additional artificial grounding network. The lightning protection device should also be grounded.
  • For the lightning current induced on the power cable, install a single-phase or three-phase power supply lightning protection device on the power cable. The cross-sectional area of the connecting line of the phase line and the connecting ground line cannot be smaller than 10mm square and 16mm square, respectively.
  • For the lightning current induced on the signal line, the signal lightning protection device is installed on the signal line. The signal arrester depends on the signal interface of the system. If the network cable is used, the network signal arrester is installed, and the DB9 port arrester is installed for the serial interface. The cross-sectional area of the ground cable cannot be less than 1.5mm square.

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