Definitive Guide Small Pitch LED Displays

Definitive Guide Small Pitch LED Displays

What is a small pitch LED display?

Small pitch LED display refers to indoor LED display with LED dot pitch below P2.5. Small-pitch LED display is a general term for a complete set of systems, including LED display systems, high-definition display control systems, and cooling systems.

The small-pitch LED display adopts pixel-level point control technology to realize the state control of the brightness, color restoration and uniformity of the display pixel unit. In the production process of the display screen, the automatic reflow soldering process is adopted, and no manual post-soldering is required.

Small-pitch LED screens are mainly aimed at the indoor high-end display market, and this field is still dominated by DLP rear-projection displays. However, DLP technology has natural defects. The first is the 1mm patchwork between display units that cannot be eliminated at all. Eat at least one display pixel.

Secondly, it is also inferior to the direct-emitting LED display in terms of color expression. In particular, due to the differences between DLP display units, it is difficult to control the uniformity of color and brightness of the entire display screen. Seams are hard to keep consistent and will become more and more noticeable. The color difference between the units and the adjustment of the seam, even if it is maintained and repaired in the later stage, are a more difficult thing.

The biggest competitiveness of indoor high-density small-pitch LED display is that the display is completely seamless and the display color is natural and true. At the same time, in terms of post-maintenance, the LED display already has a mature point-by-point correction technology.

If the display screen has been used for more than one or two years, the instrument can be used for one-time calibration of the entire screen. The operation process is simple and the effect is very good. Therefore, if the two are evaluated in terms of display quality, it must be that the high-density small-pitch LED display is better than the DLP rear projection.

Six advantages of small pitch LED display

1. Seamless stitching

The splicing large-screen display technology can never avoid the influence of the physical frame when it meets the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Even if the ultra-narrow-edge DID professional LCD screen still has very obvious splicing seams, only the LED display makes the splicing seam seamless. Seam requirements, the advantages of high-density small-pitch LED seamless splicing are highlighted.

2. High brightness intelligently adjustable

The LED screen itself has high brightness. In order to satisfy the comfortable viewing effect for the viewer in the strong light environment and the dark light environment, and avoid visual fatigue, the brightness can be adjusted with the light sensing system.

3. High gray level for better color performance

Even if the grayscale performance of the display screen is almost perfect at low brightness, the layered and vividness of the displayed picture is higher than that of the traditional display screen, and it can also show more image details and no information loss.

4. High contrast, faster response speed, high refresh rate

The number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the number of scans, the higher the refresh rate, and the better the stability of the displayed image (picture). The lower the refresh rate, the more flickering and jittering the image, and the faster the eyestrain. Under the high refresh rate of the LED small-pitch screen, the captured picture is stable, there is no ripple black screen, the image edge is clear, and the real information of the image is accurately restored.

5. Natural color reproduction

Adopt the world’s leading point-by-point correction technology and use the LED light-emitting principle to completely retain the authenticity of the color, avoid the color loss and deviation caused by other display technologies such as the material of the backlight projection and the light running path, and realize the true color reproduction.

6. Three-dimensional visual experience

When the customer chooses to use the 3D playback mode, the video wall will present shocking high-definition images. Whether it is live TV, exhibition display, or digital advertising, it can vividly interpret the wonderful vision, allowing the audience to enjoy an extraordinary visual experience.

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