Flexible LED Display Screen, Born For Creativity

A flexible LED display screen also called a soft LED screen, is made of an LED soft module. A led soft module is used to make LED display screens, using a flexible design. The soft feature of the LED module makes it can be installed in various applications, and can install on any curved surface. Its advantages are incomparable to those of the conventional LED module.

Flexible LED display adopts a specially designed circuit layout and PCB multi-layer process design, which is suitable for cylindrical screens, wave screens, streamer screens, arc screens, curved LED video walls, and another artistic modeling. It can be flexibly curved into different shapes to meet the personalized custom needs of end users. Compared with a traditional LED screen, a flexible LED display screen can be curved at a certain angle without being damaged. Its circuit boards are made of a special flexible material that won’t break due to bending. At present, the flexible LED screen is mainly used on some special occasions with cylindrical, semicircle, and ellipse shapes, such as in shopping malls, museums, planetariums, etc.

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What is LED soft module(flexible LED module)?

The LED soft module is relative to the module of the conventional LED display screen. The conventional module is made of a hard PCB board and the mask of the bottom case, without any flexibility and softness, is just a hard board. In the case of radians and bends, they either cannot be used, or need to be made by special techniques such as corner cutting, but the cost will increase a lot, and the techniques are not very perfect.

The LED soft module was developed to solve the above problems. Led soft screen is popular in many applications because of its high softness of flexible LED modules and these features of foldable, bendable, more flexible, etc. The only downside is that it is more expensive than the previous standard product. While you get what you pay for! When we choose to use a hard screen or a soft screen, or according to the actual situation choose, after all, cost-effectiveness is also very important! Don’t agonize or obsess over the choice, Galaxyavi Systems has enough ability and rich experience to provide you with complete LED display solutions and one-stop services for your projects.

Product features of flexible LED display screen

  • Flexible LED display is easy to curve, compared with the conventional LED display screen, and can realize a variety of installation methods, such as floor installation, hang type installation, embedded installation, wall-mounted type installation, and so on. Almost not limited by the installation site, with a wide range of application fields, can achieve a variety of exquisite creative custom LED display installations.

  • Flexible LED screen, pixel pitch ranging from P1.5mm, P2mm to P6mm, with high flexibility, arbitrary curved and splicing, high density, and other characteristics, can really achieve seamless splicing, effectively reduce the interference of visual gaps, the picture display is complete and coherent, more suitable for indoor installation. Close up, can also high-definition display, a refresh rate of up to 3840Hz so that the picture playback is more delicate and smooth, and more comfortable to watch. Besides, the screen reduction degree is high, the gray transition smooth, and texture processing is clear.

  • The PCB board of the flexible LED display is made of flexible soft board, and the mask/bottom shell is made of the high-quality silica gel material, which makes the flexibility of the module good, the visual angle is up to 140 degrees, suitable for the curved LED screen of stage background, exhibition hall, indoor conference, help to improve the environment grade, create a special visual atmosphere.

  • The flexible LED screen has the advantages of high stability, high refresh rate, and high contrast, is widely used in the field of high-end indoor large LED display screens, such as enterprise exhibition halls, big data displays, conference room, command hall, studios, etc.

Application scenario of flexible LED display screen

Large hotel

It can have the effect of decorating the hotel. Functionally, it can be used as an advertising display, LED super large clock screen, LED interest rate screen, and other applications. The hotel can also promote its own special products and services to attract more customers.

Large shopping malls

In general, large shopping malls will have large building bearing beams, which are monotonous, occupy space, and waste space. The LED cylindrical screen is used in these aspects, while solving the pillar impact, it can achieve a variety of business promotion purposes: discount promotion, discount promotion, and new product launch.

Places of entertainment

Entertainment places pay more attention to sound, light, and shadow effects.LED flexible screens can be made according to the shape of LED bar screens, wavy LED screens, fan LED displays, LED floor tile screens, and other products. Make full use of the site at the same time, the combination of sound, light, shadow, and so on show more tremor effect.

LED creative display reveals individual culture. Galaxyavi’s flexible LED display screen and LED immersive dome created an immersive experience place. Galaxyavi Systems have the technical expertise to create an infinite high-quality seamless image different from any traditional way. The experience of infinite closeness to reality can deeply impress the attendees.

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