The benefits of using LED displays in theaters

The benefits of using LED displays in theaters

The reason why theaters can attract audiences to watch movies is that the visual impact brought by their large screens is far from what ordinary TVs can match. That kind of feeling that can almost be simulated into an immersive experience has become a magic weapon for cinemas to attract audiences.
However, with the continuous popularization of home laser projection equipment, movie theaters have also felt the sense of crisis brought about by the loss of audiences. Therefore, it is necessary for movie theaters to find a more attractive way to increase their profit margin of movie theaters. In this article, we will discuss the benefits that the use of LED displays can bring to cinemas.

Taking the industry benchmark Samsung as an example, they have undoubted strength in the LED display industry and LED display expertise that leads the industry forward. Not long ago, they especially developed a special LED display screen for the cinema and put it into the real cinema for the playback of high-definition movies.

Compared with traditional laser projectors, this LED display has unparalleled advantages, surpassing laser projectors in terms of color vividness, screen resolution, and brightness range. This enabled the LED display to increase the cinema’s occupancy rate by 17.5% once it was put into use.

Benefit 1: Greatly increase the occupancy rate

Taking the above Samsung LED display as an example, after installing the LED display, the occupancy rate increased by 17.5%. Although this value does not seem to be very obvious, senior personnel engaged in theater marketing understand how difficult it is to achieve such a large improvement.

Many projects and settings in the theater are fixed expenses, which means that no matter whether there are people watching the movie, the expenses and losses of this part are inevitable. When the LED display is used as a movie playback tool, the increased audience flow is equivalent to the net profit of the movie theater.

Benefit 2. lower energy loss

Traditional projectors or upgraded laser projection instruments require a high-power light source to project movie content. This method requires a lot of power costs, and the operating environment of the high-power light source is also harsh, which can easily cause damage to the electronic components of the light source instrument. And the replacement of these electronic components is a considerable cost.

The working principle of the LED display is completely different from that of the laser projector. It uses a modular pixel lamp bead display. Use the different colors of each small lamp bead to make up a complete picture. The content playback controller outputs the light color that each lamp bead should emit at a certain moment in real time, so that the audience can have a better visual experience. Such an LED display does not require much cost in normal use and maintenance, and has a good service life.

Benefit 3. Leading a revolution in the way movies are played in theaters

According to the research report of an authoritative statistics institution, more and more cinemas are looking for ways and equipment to replace film playing, which will be a huge market in the future. With the improvement of film shooting technology and the continuous investment of high-definition virtual equipment such as IMAX, the future film playback equipment will continue to pursue 4K or even 8K definition, which requires that cinemas have high-definition playback equipment to achieve this goal.


Matthew effect tells us that people with advantages will become better and better. If you first use the LED display screen as the film delivery equipment in the local area, your cinema brand will be the first thing the audience will consider or think of in their future movie viewing choices. In this way, you will have more income to support you to do the second and more cinemas to replace the LED film display.

The above contents are about the three major benefits that cinemas can obtain from using LED displays. Obviously, LED displays can bring more benefits to cinemas. We look forward to your independent discovery. Galaxyav is a LED display manufacturer with more than 20 years. We have the ability to create perfect LED display solutions and equipment for you and your cinema system. If you have other LED display needs, please contact our senior engineers, and we will reply to your questions as soon as possible

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