3 audio visual solutions to improve the effect of K12 education

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For managers of K12 educational institutions, how to improve students’ learning enthusiasm and learning effect is the most worthy of consideration. The average age of K12 students is 5-18. Children in this age group are full of curiosity and enterprising spirit towards the teaching content. But obviously, not all students can master all the knowledge in the daily teaching mode.

In order to solve this problem, many K12 educational institutions adopt multimedia teaching mode. The audio-visual system integration project is applied to the daily teaching process. This effective audio-visual solution has greatly enhanced students’ enthusiasm for learning and cultivated their good habit of being willing to explore new knowledge.

According to the survey conducted by Project Tomorrow for K12 educational institutions, the vast majority of students hope to have new technological breakthroughs in the classroom and to have more initiative between education and learning. To this end, Galaxyav combined years of successful experience in audio-visual system integration projects to propose three audio-visual solutions that can effectively improve the effect of K12 education.

1. High-performance audio-visual hardware equipment

High-performance audio-visual equipment is very important for K12 students. In the traditional teaching mode, it may be difficult for students sitting in the back row of the classroom to hear the teacher’s lecture clearly. After the audio-visual hardware equipment is installed, the microphone or speakers on the ceiling or wall can clearly transmit the teaching content to every student.

In terms of abstract content explanation, concepts such as electromagnetic force, gravity, and charge motion are no longer boring thinking understanding. Teaching staff can put this part of the content on the LED screen in the form of animation or video. The effect of such knowledge transfer is very good.

2. Intelligent interactive technology

Intelligent digital whiteboard is the shining star in interactive technology. In the traditional teaching mode, students need to handwrite a lot of notes on classroom teaching content. Now with intelligent digital whiteboards, teaching staff can easily generate standard mind maps from teaching content. In addition, the coherence of content between different courses has also been greatly improved, which is of great help to students.

Intelligent interactive technology can also allow students’ smart devices to effectively connect with teaching equipment and teaching management systems. When students are not in school but encounter academic problems that are difficult to solve by themselves, they can connect with the teaching management system through their own smart devices. It is very effective to obtain more comprehensive and systematic answers to questions in this way, so that students can avoid stopping their learning progress due to confusion.

3. Distance Online Education System

In winter in Canada, students may not be able to go to school in time due to heavy snow or icy roads. Other students may also be unable to attend classes in time due to illness, family events and other reasons. In order to solve these problems and enable K12 students to enjoy more educational benefits, the distance online education system has become particularly important.

We usually install high-definition cameras and high-sensitivity sound-receiving equipment in the places where teachers teach to record teachers’ teaching content in real time. Make sure that there will be no noise and other electronic signal interference and picture delay during the teaching process. Students can easily achieve the effect of online school at home or other places. With the help of audio-visual functions of smart devices, real-time communication with teaching staff can be achieved to solve the confusion in the learning process.

The above three solutions are the most common audio-visual system solutions in the K12 education system in North America. It has helped a lot of teaching problems in k12 schools and improved the academic level of students.

If you are dissatisfied with the audio-visual equipment of the existing educational institutions or want to plan a new multimedia learning environment, our senior technical engineers will provide you with free consulting solutions and related quotations. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of audio-visual system integration projects, Galaxyav is your trusted audio-visual solution service provider.

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