How to Install a Stadium LED Screen?

How to install a stadium LED screen is a challenging job. The vast majority of people, they don’t know how to install the stadium LED screen correctly. But if you read this article carefully, you can follow the detailed steps in the article to complete the installation of the stadium LED screen.

As a professional stadium audio visual solution provider, Galaxyav has more than 20 years of rich experience in this field. We have successfully installed LED screens for well-known stadiums in many countries and regions around the world. In this article, we will explain how to install LED screens for stadiums from three aspects: the tools required for installing stadium LED screens, related preparations, and specific stadium LED screen installation steps.

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How to Install a Stadium LED Screen

Tools Required for Installing a Stadium LED Screen

Installing the stadium LED screen requires some professional installation tools in advance. There are differences in the size of LED screens in different stadiums, and there are also differences in the professional installation tools that need to be prepared in advance.

The following are the common necessary installation tools for installing stadium LED screens:

  • Scaffolding or lifts (suitable for the installation of LED screens in large stadiums)
  • laser range finder
  • Laser Level
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Avometer
  • Safety work aids such as hard hats, gloves and protective belts

Planning and Preparation for Installing a stadium LED screen

Reasonable construction steps are the prerequisite for correct installation of stadium LED screen. Therefore, before the entire construction project starts, we will determine the installation location of the LED screen according to the project construction drawings in the stadium audio visual solution. Prepare the construction environment of the entire installation project in advance to avoid accidents during the specific installation process.

Before the Stadium LED screen installation project starts, it is necessary to obtain a construction permit with the municipal management department in advance. Including the prior planning and diversion of electricity and traffic in the construction area.

After the construction environment is prepared and approved by the municipal authority, the project manager and engineer of the stadium audio visual solution need to draw up a complete construction plan for the entire construction team to ensure that every step of the construction process can be reliably guaranteed. Reasonable allocation of human resources can make the installation of the LED screen of the entire stadium proceed quickly and orderly.

Steps of installing the stadium LED screen

Step 1: Prepare the Site

Fix the structural frame that fixes the stadium LED screen to the installation location first. Pay attention to the installation depth and firmness of the expansion screws, otherwise the structural frame may have the risk of the screen tilting and collapsing under the weight of the large-sized LED screen.

The use of a laser level ensures that the structural frame of the stadium LED screen is on the same level. After the structural frame is installed, it is best to do anti-rust treatment to prevent the rain and moisture from causing the steel frame to rust and collapse.

When installing load-bearing framing, be sure to attach all screws and bolts to the marked locations in accordance with the construction drawings. It is best to use a torque meter to ensure the tightness between the bolts and the screws, so as not to be too tight or too loose to cause deviations in the stress and tension of the load-bearing frame.

How to Install a Stadium LED Screen

Step 2: Installing the LED screen panel

Stadium audio visual solution usually uses standard modular LED screen. Therefore, during installation, it is only necessary to correctly fix the LED screen panel on the load-bearing frame in the previous step according to the construction plan.

When installing the LED screen panel, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the LED screen panel is designed for centralized power supply or separate power supply in the construction drawings, so that the power supply pipeline and the corresponding circuit management system can be laid correctly.

The front panel of the Stadium LED screen panel has a large number of dense light-emitting display units, which are precision electronic components. When installing, you need to be extra careful not to damage it, otherwise it will affect the normal content display of the entire LED screen.

How to Install a Stadium LED Screen

Step3:Connect the Power

The voltage used in different countries and regions is different, so it needs to be checked when preparing electrical equipment. If there is a situation that the actual voltage does not match the rated voltage, it needs to be adjusted with the transformer equipment.

After using cables to connect the power supply to the weighing structural frame, anti-leakage treatment needs to be done. In order to avoid the failure of the entire LED screen display system due to leakage or short circuit.

In addition, the stadium LED screen needs to be well protected against lightning, and the power cord and lightning rod should be buried in the ground to avoid accidents such as lightning strikes or electric leakage.

Step4:Test the stadium LED Screen

After the installation is complete, check each component system of the entire stadium LED screen, and conduct a power-on test after the inspection is correct. After the power is turned on, carefully observe and detect whether there are any dead pixels on the LED screen or faults in the entire row of LED screen light-emitting pixels.

Adjust the brightness, color, definition, and refresh rate of the stadium LED screen step by step, and check whether the content of the LED screen running in the parameter mode is normal.

If there are some screen display failures, please adjust the relevant parameter settings, because some may be caused by the software failure of the content control system. If adjusting the operating parameters still cannot solve the problem, you need to communicate with the technical director of stadium audio visual solution in time to seek technical support.

Test the stadium LED Screen


The above is the authoritative guide on how to install the stadium LED screen, you can successfully install the LED screen for stadium according to the detailed steps in the article.

If your stadium needs to replace the audio-visual system or want to deploy a new LED screen to improve the experience of the audience and increase the advertising revenue of sports events, Galaxyav is willing to provide you with a one-stop service.

We have a professional and authoritative stadium audio visual solution design and construction team and many years of successful experience worthy of your trust.

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