How is the LED display used in the virtual ocean world project ?

In Doha, Qatar, we successfully helped our clients to design and build a virtual ocean world composed of LED displays. This is one of Galaxyav’s largest LED display application projects in recent years, which uses almost all LED display products and related dynamic picture display technologies. Because of its excellent performance, we have received high praise from our clients and are planning to carry out a second project of this type. Now, let’s take a look at the specifics of the project.dome LED screen.

How is the LED display used in the virtual ocean world project

The entire virtual ocean world covers an area of 25,000 square meters, of which more than 73% are constructed by Galaxyav’s LED display products. In this project, we designed a variety of special display ways of LED display, such as immersive dome, LED video walls, cylindrical LED displays, and virtual scene studios built with LED displays.

Immersive dome projects are usually used to show pictures of celestial bodies in action but in this virtual ocean world project. We set up a virtual experience hall for deep-sea diving according to the needs of customers. In this virtual experience hall, visitors can feel the fun of deep-sea diving and see all kinds of deep-sea fish swimming around them. But there will be no oppression and fear of deep-sea diving. This is convenient for those who can’t swim.

The immersive LED dome technology used in the Deep Sea Diving Virtual Experience Pavilion is the toughest part of the entire Virtual Sea World project. We have repeatedly revised multiple versions of the design manuscript with the customer, and measured and revised the relevant design dimensions on the spot. Then according to these customized dimensions, the entire semicircular dome is divided into several LED display modules of different sizes and shapes. After completing the assembly of the LED display, use the screen content distributor to complete the seamless connection of the overall screen.

Immersion dome led display
led video wall

If you’ve ever visited a real Sea World playground, you’ve definitely visited a scene like this. There is a narrow aisle and you can see various types of marine life on both sides of the aisle. In order to simulate this real ocean scene, we adopted LED video wall to achieve this real virtual effect.

Compared with the previous large-pitch LED display, the small-pitch LED display can make marine life more lifelike. The super-long picture connection of the LED video wall, combined with the lighting effect of the overall environment, made many tourists think that what they saw was a real marine life scene.

Cylindrical LED displays are usually used at the junction of LED video walls in different directions. Because the angled stitching can make the virtual sea creatures look unreal. The emergence of cylindrical LED displays perfectly solves this problem. Whether it is concave or convex, the rounded corner adapter can achieve the expected visual effect.

In addition, the cylindrical LED display is also applied at the entrance of the virtual ocean world, which dynamically presents the announcement information of the entire virtual ocean world in 360 degrees without dead ends, as well as some popular tourist attractions. Compared with the traditional 4-sided right-angle LED display, this cylindrical LED display has better information transmission effect.

The virtual scene studio is a whimsical idea we put forward for our clients. At first, the client proposed to use a project that tourists can participate in the experience. We combined our previous successful collaborations with Hollywood studios to build a small fully functional studio project for this virtual ocean world.

In real life, younger children are not allowed to participate in deep-sea diving programs. Using the virtual scene studio, we can solve this problem perfectly. Children can choose our pre-set animation or image scene, combined with virtual restoration technology, use high-resolution LED display to build a very real virtual underwater world for children. In this virtual setting, kids can sit on a shark or swim with a turtle. Capture scenes that are completely impossible in real life.

LED display virtual scene studio

The virtual scene studio project has brought huge commercial profits to the client, which is why the client is willing to sign a second similar project design and construction contract with us. I believe that there will be more customers of the same type to cooperate with us in the future. If you are one of them, you can contact our senior technical engineers and we will tell you some specific business information about the project.

As a factory with more than 20 years of LED display screen R&D, design and manufacturing, Galaxyav has successful dome LED screen application projects all over the world. If you want to know about these successful cases in your area, please contact our senior technical Contact the engineer, we will provide you with detailed information.

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