Practical maintenance skills for LED display modules

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The daily maintenance of the LED display module can greatly prolong its service life, but usually non-technical professionals do not know how to maintain the LED display module. If you want to use the existing LED display to create more commercial value for you and increase the reuse rate of LED display modules, the following are practical maintenance tips for LED display modules that are worth reading carefully.

1. Maintain a good working environment for the LED screen display module

LED display is a relatively compact electronic hardware device, which has certain requirements for the use environment. With the improvement of the overall technology of the LED display industry, the existing conventional LED display modules can adapt to an external environment with an operating temperature of -20°C~50°C and a humidity environment of 10%~90%RH.

Practical maintenance skills for LED display modules

Too low external ambient temperature will reduce the strength of the LED display module and easily cause fragmentation. Excessively high external ambient temperature will cause the LED display module to fail to dissipate heat in time, and it is easy to cause failure due to excessive local temperature. The humid external working environment will corrode the LED display module, cause short circuit of electronic components and even cause fire.

Therefore, when using the LED display, you should pay attention to changes in the external working environment. It is best to set up a ventilation system indoors to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment are in a relatively dry and cool environment. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the use environment, too much dust will also affect the normal heat dissipation of the LED screen display module.

2. Ensure the correct switching sequence of the LED display

The correct switch sequence of the LED display is conducive to prolonging its service life. When you are ready to use the LED display, the correct order of operation is to turn on the computer first, get ready to play content, and then turn on the LED display. When you are ready to turn off the LED display after using it, the correct operation sequence is to turn off the LED display first, and then turn off the computer. If you turn off the computer first, it may cause serious consequences such as bright spots and burning of the LED screen display module.

In addition, it is necessary to keep an interval of more than one minute between each power-on and power-off of the LED display. Do not leave the LED display in the full white, full red, full green, and full blue states for a long time. Let the LED display screen work at full power, which will generate the largest impact current on the entire power distribution system. The service life of LED display modules and LED lamp beads will be severely reduced, which may lead to a service life of less than 50,000 hours.

3. Ensure the power supply environment of the LED display

Most of the LED screen display module burnout is caused by failure to ensure the correct power supply environment. In the splicing process of large-scale LED displays, if the positive and negative poles of the LED display module are accidentally reversed, it will directly cause a short circuit, and serious fire may occur.

There are certain differences in the voltage systems of different countries. For example, the normal working voltage in China is 220V, while that in Japan is 100V. Therefore, when using the LED display, if the rated voltage of the LED display module is inconsistent with the voltage of the external environment, it is necessary to increase or decrease the voltage.

The working environment of the outdoor LED display is even harsher, and it is necessary to properly take lightning protection measures for the LED display. The external ground wire and lightning rod are necessary items for the normal operation of outdoor LED display screens, so as not to work normally in rainy and lightning weather.

4. Do a good job in the daily cleaning of the LED display

In addition to the serious impact of dust on the heat dissipation of the LED display module, it is also very important to clean the outer surface of the LED display. Because static electricity will attract dust and impurities in the air, the surface of the LED display will become dirty after a period of use.

When the surface of the LED display is dirty, please use a special detergent and a soft fiber cloth to wipe it, and never use a hard brush to clean it. When cleaning the LED display with a special detergent, be careful not to wet the LED display module, otherwise it will corrode the circuit or cause a short circuit.

After cleaning, the LED display module needs to be placed in a cool and dry place for ventilation and drying, avoiding direct sunlight. Or use a low-power hair dryer for air-drying treatment, and pay attention to the hair dryer not being in a hot air drying state.

5. Regular start-up inspection

LED display is a large-scale circuit equipment composed of multiple electronic components, which needs to be powered on regularly for inspection and maintenance. If it is an outdoor LED advertising screen, it is recommended to shut down regularly for maintenance and inspection. In general, outdoor LED advertising screens are recommended to be maintained for 1-2 hours a day, especially in summer, it needs to be shut down regularly to ensure that the heat of the LED screen display module can be dissipated normally.

It is recommended to turn on the indoor LED display at least once a month. In case of wet weather such as the rainy season, it is recommended to turn it on once a week to use the working heat of the LED display module to dry the moisture in the entire LED display. However, with the upgrading of the LED display manufacturing process, the new generation of LED display modules can gradually extend the timing detection time, because the new generation of LED display modules have better protection configurations.


Proper care and maintenance of LED display can effectively prolong its service life and create more economic value for your business plan. GalaxyAV has combined more than 20 years of professional LED display manufacturing experience to summarize 5 practical maintenance tips for LED display modules. If you need to know more about audio-visual system integration projects or LED display related content, please contact our professional technical engineers, and we will provide you with free professional solutions.

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