The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Advertising Audio Visual Solutions

Outdoor advertising is an important way for enterprises to expand brand awareness and increase product sales. It is an effective way of getting your message across to a large audience. However, with more and more types of outdoor advertising and information dissemination methods, traditional outdoor advertising is obviously unable to meet your business needs.

The outdoor advertising AV solution with audio system and visual system as the core is leading the transformation of the outdoor advertising industry in a new way. The outdoor advertising AV solution makes the audience have a deep memory of your advertising content, and various high-quality advertising content makes the audience full of consumption impulse.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the different types of AV solutions for outdoor advertising and the benefits of using an audio visual solution for outdoor advertising. When you want to choose an outdoor advertising AV solution, we will also provide you with professional selection considerations.

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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Advertising Audio Visual Solutions

Types of AV Solutions for Outdoor Advertising

LED video wall

LED screen is currently the mainstream outdoor advertising display device. Its clear picture quality, bright color display and dynamic advertising content make it one of the first choices for outdoor advertisers. With the continuous updating of LED display panel technology, more and more different types of LED screen video are quietly changing the way of displaying outdoor advertisements. For example, dome LED screen, naked-eye 3D outdoor LED screen, flexible special-shaped LED screen, transparent outdoor LED screen, etc.

Digital signage

Digital signage is also one of the main ways of outdoor advertising. They are often found in places like bus shelters, train stations and shopping malls. The display resolution of digital signage is higher than that of LED screen wall, but the overall screen size is smaller than that of LED video wall. Large-scale intensive delivery is often the preferred advertising delivery method for outdoor advertisers using digital signage.

Interactive kiosks

Interactive advertising kiosk is an intelligent digital-driven advertising method. As one of the new outdoor advertising solutions in recent years, its market share is increasing year by year. Interactive advertising kiosks allow viewers to interact with intelligent interactive advertising kiosks in order to give the audience a better understanding of the products and services themselves. This in-depth experience can better guide customers to explore products and services, enhance the effect of advertising and increase the possibility of viewers buying.

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Benefits of Using Audio visual Solutions for Outdoor Advertising

Improve the visibility of your ads

Unlike paper advertising leaflets, outdoor advertising can greatly improve the visibility of advertising content. 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, the advertisements are played in a loop, so that a large number of viewers are passively accepting the placement of advertisement information all the time.

Rich advertising content

Relying on audio equipment and video equipment, outdoor advertising enriches the content of advertisements and gets rid of the rigidity of text advertisements. The attractive advertising copy uses a loudspeaker to make potential customers who have not seen the content of the advertising video actively find the source of the sound, thereby generating more attention to the content of the outdoor advertising.

Enhance brand awareness

The key point of brand awareness promotion is that potential customers have a complete brand information projection in their minds. This kind of good or special brand advertising information memory can make customers remember the brand promoted in the advertising content for a long time.

High return on investment

The success of outdoor advertising depends on whether customers will eventually make a purchase. If customers have no impression of outdoor advertising or the advertising content cannot allow customers to receive corresponding information during the delivery process, then the timely and cheap outdoor advertising delivery method is also worthless. The audio-visual integration system greatly increases the value of outdoor advertising. Relevant statistics show that the value of outdoor advertising has increased by 36.9% after using the audio-visual solution.

Considerations for choosing an outdoor advertising audio-visual solution

Areas for outdoor advertising

Not all advertising areas are suitable for deploying audio-visual solutions. Areas with complex geographical locations, noisy environments and harsh electromagnetic environments are not suitable for deploying outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions.

Technical Requirements for Outdoor Advertising Content

The advertising content used in some outdoor advertisements may be too dim and the sound too soft. These outdoor advertising content can hardly attract the attention of customers in the noisy shopping environment of shopping malls or transportation hubs, even if the brightness of the screen and the volume of the sound are adjusted, it will not help. Some advertisers try to use 3D technology to display advertisements, so they must choose 3D LED screen when considering audio-visual solutions for outdoor advertising.

Overall project budget

The audio visual system integration project will involve more audio-visual hardware equipment and software systems, and the integration of these systems will consume most of the outdoor advertising budget. So when you are considering audio-visual solutions for outdoor advertising, you must first check whether your overall project investment is sufficient to support your plan for outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions.


Compared with traditional advertising, outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions have countless advantages. You can choose different types of outdoor advertising audio-visual solutions according to your actual needs. When choosing an audio-visual solution for outdoor advertising, it is necessary to comprehensively measure various influencing factors in order to maximize the value of outdoor advertising.

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