Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual solutions for theme parks are far more challenging than other AV system integration projects. To use LED screen-based audio-visual integrated equipment to present high-definition character images and film content in movie themes undoubtedly requires strong technical capabilities and experience.

In order to realize the wonderful and wonderful design concept of the theme park, Galaxyav’s senior technical team will actively integrate it into the daily work of the theme park design team. This helps to propose more feasible audio-visual solutions from a professional perspective. Further, increase the artistic sense of the theme park and enhance the experience of tourists.

Why choose Galaxyav as your Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions provider?

Galaxyav has provided technical support and one-stop audio-visual system integration project services for video, audio, and display control systems in the themed entertainment industry for many years. In the themed entertainment industry, Galaxyav provides audio-visual integration project design, installation, and management of audio-visual projects, training on the operation and use of audio-visual equipment, troubleshooting and maintenance of audio-visual system integration projects, and other services.

In many fields such as film and television themes, museums, water parks, resorts, etc., we have delivered many successful projects for our customers relying on years of experience and a senior technical service team. We have in-depth communication with the creative designers of the theme park, and clearly understand what kind of new ways they want to use to create more attractive new attractions for customers. On the premise that it is technically feasible, we do our best to realize the unique ideas of designers.

If you are an AV system integrator engaged in themed entertainment projects, we can also provide you with more valuable services. Whether it is the design of the project, the purchase of audio-visual hardware equipment, or the troubleshooting and maintenance of faults, we can satisfy you and save you a lot of time and money. The following are some of our services for audiovisual solutions for the themed entertainment industry

Our Technical Service Expertise

Audio system support

Visual system support

Display control support

LBE-IT infrastructure

Operation training

Audio Visual data backup

Successful cases of Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions

Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions for Nanjing Dragon Valley Amusement Park

Audio visual solutions for Thorncrown Chapel Arkansas

Audio Visual Solutions for disney frozen theme park

Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions for Sanrio Puroland park

Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions for Sanrio Puroland park,Japan

Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions for kytropolis Funland

Theme Park Audio Visual Solutions for kytropolis Funland

Audio Visual Solutions for Arkansas Theme Parks

Audio Visual Solutions for Arkansas Theme Park

Hebei Baoding theme Park audio-visual solution

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