What is the traffic control center audio visual solution?

Traffic control centers play a vital role in managing road traffic and ensuring road safety. The traffic control center monitors road traffic conditions 24 hours a day, identifies potential road hazards and provides drivers with real-time road condition information. In the event of a traffic accident, the emergency ambulance team will be contacted as soon as possible to deal with the problem. So how does the traffic control center perfectly handle so many complex data and ensure the smooth flow and safety of the road?

Traffic control center audio visual solution is specially developed for the traffic control department to monitor and manage road traffic conditions. Galaxyav is a world-renowned audio visual solution provider. We provide different types of audio visual solutions to global customers and have achieved many successful cases. In this article, we’ll explore what audiovisual solutions are for traffic control centers.

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What is the traffic control center audio visual solution

What is traffic control center audio visual solution?

The audio visual solution of the traffic control center refers to an audio-visual system integration project including audio equipment, display equipment, data transmission system, signal control system and other hardware equipment and software systems. The collaborative work of these hardware devices and software systems can monitor road conditions in real time and feed back abnormal and pending emergency signals to the traffic control center.

The audio visual solutions adopted by different transportation systems will vary greatly. Taking roads and railways as an example, the display device of the audio-visual solution of the traffic control center of the highway system is mainly a liquid crystal display, while the main display device of the audio-visual solution of the traffic control center of the train system is an LED screen. In addition, there are also very big differences in signal transmission and audio management between the two.

This mainly depends on the different service objects and control objectives between the two systems. The highway control center faces more road traffic accidents and needs clearer display equipment to monitor real-time dynamics on the highway. The railway management and control center is mainly responsible for the orderly operation of all batches of trains. On the large LED screen, it is possible to have a clearer understanding of the current train operation and make comprehensive arrangements for emergencies.

Emergency rescue of traffic control center audio visual solution

How do traffic control center audio visual solutions work?

Taking the highway traffic control center as an example, its audio-visual system integration project is carried out in the following steps in the daily operation process:
  • Collection of road surface information

    High-definition cameras all over the road monitor all road conditions 24 hours a day. The monitoring system is often equipped with a highly intelligent road condition judgment system, which can judge special situations such as road congestion caused by vehicle failures and traffic accidents, and issue alarms in a timely manner.

  • Voice communication and guidance

    However, when an accident occurs on the highway, the traffic control center will provide timely and reasonable emergency evacuation and safety guidance for the people and vehicles near the emergency according to the emergency plan. The traffic control center is often connected with the highway emergency call system, which is convenient for the parties to obtain emergency assistance information through the system.

  • Traffic control

    After the traffic control center detects an emergency or a message for help, it will arrange an emergency rescue team to go to the scene for rescue as soon as possible. In order for the emergency rescue team to arrive quickly, they will rationally divert nearby vehicles at the traffic control center and open up the fastest and safest rescue channel.

Why is the audio visual solution of the traffic control center important?

traffic control center av solution
The importance of the audio-visual solution in the traffic control center is unquestionable, it can effectively ensure the smooth flow of road traffic and the rescue of personnel in emergency situations. Here are a few fundamental reasons for the importance of audiovisual solutions in traffic control centers:
  • Improve security

    The traffic control center will provide real-time travel advice to drivers according to road and travel conditions, which will help improve the safety of the entire road. Drivers can make wise choices based on their driving conditions and travel routes, reducing the possibility of accidents in congested situations.
  • Improve travel efficiency

    The shortest distance is not necessarily the fastest to reach. The traffic control center can fully grasp the current situation of all roads through the audio-visual integrated system, and reasonably divide the drivers under the management of road traffic control personnel. This allows drivers to shorten their travel time without the annoyance of road congestion.
  • Timely to save lives

    Imagine emergency teams being stuck in traffic and unable to arrive at the scene of an accident in the first place to help those involved in a car accident. Every second after an accident is precious to the drivers and passengers who are in a car accident and need urgent medical treatment. The importance of the traffic control center is reflected in its ability to quickly arrange a smooth rescue road for the emergency rescue team and win every second of precious time for emergency rescue.


The audio-visual solution of the traffic control center provides a guarantee for the smooth travel of the entire road traffic through the comprehensive connection of audio-visual hardware equipment, signal transmission system and emergency rescue system. Because of its existence, it can reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, and its importance is beyond doubt that drivers and passengers can get first-time medical treatment in the event of an accident.

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