What Are The Factors Affecting LED Display Price?

Do you know what are the factors affecting LED display price ? With the application of LED display screens increasingly widely, all kinds of LED display suppliers spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the production of LED display prices is also different, even though there is a big difference in price between some LED display manufacturers. In fact, people familiar with the LED display industry know that there are many factors that affect the LED screen price. Galaxyavi Systems shared 3 main factors that affect LED screen price in this blog post, reading to know.

What Are The Factors Affecting LED Display Price?

Raw material: Chip & IC

First of all, take the Light-emitting chip, which can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. Each LED chip is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. American and Japanese chips, for example, because they have always mastered the core technology, in a similar monopoly context, chip prices in the United States and Japan remain high. Although Taiwan and China chip prices are relatively cheap, their performance is compared with the United States, Japan chips, or a certain gap. If the LED display is used on important occasions, Galaxyavi System still recommends using imported materials. If I were a customer, I would rather choose a better driver IC.

In addition to LED chips, the main factor affecting the price of LED displays is the LED driver IC. Although the price is a little higher, the driver IC is a very important factor affecting the quality and service life of the LED display screens. Especially when manufacturing full color LED display, constant voltage constant current drive IC is required use. Other aspects of materials such as power supply, cabinet, and various accessories.

Product specifications

Products here refer to the conventional products, from the color of LED display can be divided into monochrome, double color, and full color; According to the control or use ways can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous; From the application, the environment can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. Each specification of LED screen price is not the same.

Indoor full color is divided into table paste full color, table pastes three in one full color, and dot matrix full color. Outdoor full color is divided into 1R1G1B (generally high density, such as PH10, PH12), and 2R1G1B (generally high density, such as PH16, PH20, etc.).Different specs require different configurations, so prices can vary.

Main auxiliary system

  • Editing system: editing computer, editing software, video compression card;
  • System accessories: receiving card, sending card, transfer card;
  • Player system: control computer, multimedia card or graphics card, player software;
  • Protection system: power distribution system, heat dissipation system, lightning protection system;
  • Monitoring system: sensor & monitoring software;
  • Sound system: amplifier & speaker;
  • Video input equipment: Video recorder, DVD/VCD player, closed circuit TV;
  • Graphic input: digital camera and scanner;

The above accessories and equipment except system accessories and play system, the rest of the settings can be selected according to your own situation.

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